Do I need to complete a confined space risk assessment?2018-11-17T01:05:52+00:00

It is a legal requirement under the “Confined Spaces Regulation” 1997 that a risk assessment shall be conducted in all area’s where gases and piped, stored and used. A confined space is any pit, pipe, trench, sewer or space that can become enclosed and there arises a reasonable, foreseeable specified risk. GasCon can advise if you should fall into this requirement and conduct the risk assessment for you to meet compliance.

Can I operate a installed gas system without a written scheme of examination (WSE)?2018-11-17T01:05:04+00:00

No. It is illegal to operate a gas system that falls into the scope of PSSR without a WSE. The WSE must be in date and detail any inspection, maintenance and replacement date of those parts defined in PSSR. GasCon can provide you with a WSE if required.

Would one of my employees be seen as a competent person?2018-11-17T01:04:00+00:00

A competent person able to undertake any inspection, testing and or repair must be able to prove they have the necessary training, knowledge, skills, experience and ability to undertake the activity. GasCon can inspect your gas equipment if required.

Are gas regulators required to be inspected annually?2018-11-17T01:02:51+00:00

The BCGA’s CP7 recommends a gas regulator should undergo a visual inspection and functional test annually, this inspection and test SHALL be undertaken by a competent person.

Can I repair a damaged gas regulator?2018-11-17T01:02:12+00:00

If a gas regulator is damaged it is recommended that, if it should be repaired, the gas regulator should be retested and issued with a new pressure test certificate by a competent person. This will NOT extend the replacement date defined by the manufacturer. However, if you are not able to undertake the retest and issue a new pressure test certificate then it is recommended to replace the regulator with a new one.

Can I continue to use my gas regulators after 5 yrs?2018-11-17T01:01:19+00:00

BCGA’s CP7 states that a gas regulator is recommended to be replaced every 5 yrs or in line with the manufacturer’s recommended replacement date. This is seen as best practice as the internal elements of the regulator do wear and to ensure the gas equipment remains in good working condition and accurate they should be replaced.

Can I store oxygen, inert and flammable gases in the same store?2018-11-17T00:59:57+00:00

Yes, you are permitted to store oxygen, inert and flammable gases in the same storage area. Refer to BCGA’s CP44 on storage. Exception is with volumes of LPG greater than 50kg. Call us to provide consultancy on the safe storage of gases.

Can I use PTFE tape on a high pressure gas cylinder fitting?2018-11-17T00:57:46+00:00

No. PTFE is not permitted, nor necessary to put on a high pressure gas cylinder fitting. If the fitting is leaking there may be an issue to the fitting on the regulator or hose or the actual gas cylinder valve may be damaged.

Does my gas system fall under the scope of PSSR2000?2018-11-17T00:55:51+00:00

If you have a fixed installed gas system operating at 0.5BAR or more then it is highly likely you do fall into the scope of PSSR2000. Call us to confirm and we can help with meeting your legal requirements.

BFBi Members2018-10-16T16:14:22+00:00

Gas-Con (Simon Fisher) is a member of the Brewing, Food and Beverage Industry

BCGA Members2018-10-16T16:12:24+00:00

Gas-Con (Simon Fisher) are members of the British Compressed Gas Association (BCGA)

What is a Gas Risk Assessment?2018-10-16T16:07:05+00:00

It is law that all UK Companys must comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act. It is the employer’s duty by law to carry out Risk Assessments and a Safe System of Work (Method Statements). Business premises, factories and work labs require risk assessmnets. The use of gas detectors to monitor oxygen and hazadous gas levels.

Industrial Gas Training2018-10-16T16:04:31+00:00

Working with Gases in the Industrial and Commercial businesses? Then you will be needing risk assessments and Gas Training Courses.

Transportation of Gases2018-10-16T16:01:32+00:00

Are you planning on moving gases from different locations? If so then we recommend safety training and a risk asseessment.

Speciality Gases2018-10-16T15:59:31+00:00

Speciality Gases represent gases which are rare or ultra high purity (99.995% and above). Many industries, including analytical, pharmaceutical, electronics and petrochemical benefit from the unique properties of speciality gases that help to improve yields, optimise performance and lower costs. If you fall into this category then we highly recommend training for speciality gases.

Co2 Gas Training2018-10-16T15:56:49+00:00

If you own a pub/restaurant and your staff are working on gas then it is legal requirement to train your oepratives and staff members for working with gases.

Do I need Gas Training?2018-10-16T15:54:46+00:00

If you are working with Gas and are not qualified then we always advise you to check Gas Safety Legislation and for personal safety.

Do you Travel Abroad to provide training?2018-10-16T15:53:26+00:00

Simon Fisher (Gas-Con) has travelled all over the world to work on numerous projects that require the level of skills needed for professional and specialist Gas Training, advice and hands on installations.

Do you provide Gas Training?2018-10-16T15:50:36+00:00

Simon Fisher of Gas-Con is an award winning and highly skilled and qualified to provide gas training and courses on multiple levels of expertise.

Working in Schools/Colleges/Universities to providing Business Training on Cryogenic Gases, Specialist Gases, Industrial Gases, risk assessments to advice and guidelines while working in Confined Spaces.

Our experience has been built over 20 years of working across the spectrum of gases industries in a wide variety of Global locations. Our training packages are designed with the delegates at the forefront of our thinking to ensure we install as much information in the attendees in a fun and informative way. It is our goal to make the training your training day and as such we can offer a bespoke service to our customers in order to meet your specific requirements.