Gas Safety Gadgets

Gas Safety Gadgets

There’s a rather nice new gas safety gadget available that is receiving high praise for it’s purpose. Who loves cooking, a good old Bar-B-Que, BBQ with gas, most of us do at some point throughout the Summer or when celebrating a garden party. What about monitoring those gas levels? What about how low the gas gets before you find out it’s too late and you’ve got no cooked food!!!  For the safety aspect alone this safety gadget is brilliant. The Gas Watch gadget.

Gas Safe gadgets

Never run out of gas again! With GasWatch our system will notify you when gas is low

In the recent review the GAS WATCH came out with flying colours.

This is something you may want to know about before you buy your first propane fill of the season. We got in the GasWatch model TVL214 BBQ tank level indicator, a ring-shaped digital scale (place your tank atop it) with a cord-mounted pod (3 AAA cells inside) that hooks to tank’s collar. Once you enter the tank’s empty weight (read that from the tank collar), any time you turn it on it will show you your tank’s immediate percentage of full. How many times have you gone for a fill only to find the tank really wasn’t all that empty? Or worse, how many times have you left the meat barely cooked while you had to do a gas run? Unlike other tank status readers we’ve seen, this one just uses gravity. Bottom line: the GasWatch TVL214 BBQ tank level-indicator scale tells you in one quick look that your tank’s all set for you to cook.

Don’t experience what football fan and food lover Tony did at last year’s Super Bowl tailgating party:

“My wife, Lisa, and I spent all day Saturday preparing food, getting the house ready, and running errands for our party. The one thing I forgot to do was have an extra propane tank filled, but the tank I had was heavy, so I wasn’t worried. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize how much gas it was going to take to cook food for so many people.

“We were about halfway through cooking 50 hot dogs and dozens of wings when we ran out of gas. I had to rush to the store in the middle of the biggest game of the year and buy more propane, while my guests waited for dinner. That’s when one of my friends told me about Smart GasWatch™. He explained that it could save a party, or simply dinner, by warning when the tank is low on propane. Before my next barbecue, I bought a Smart GasWatch™. I couldn’t believe how easy it was install. And I enjoy the peace of mind I get from using it. I would never have another tailgate party without Smart GasWatch™.”

Coming soon: A smart phone App that allows you to monitor the Smart GasWatch™ while you entertain guests in your home.

Smart GasWatch™ is available at UK retail outlets like Amazon.

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