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Training & Consultancy for Laboratory Gases

Training for Laboratory Gases
  • Training for Medical Gases

  • Training and advice on Industrial Gases

  • Laboratory and Specialist Gas Training

  • Cryogenic Training

  • Award Winning Training on Gases with Simon Fisher

  • Gas Equipment set-ups and inspections

  • Gas Risk Assessments

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What we can offer

No two laboratory or spec gas requirement is the same, that is why GasCon offers  a customised training package to meet the requirements of the individual. We will visit the site for a pre training assessment in order to ensure our training package meets the needs of your employees and the specific gases and equipment they use.

Course content to be customer specific and may contain all or some of the below topics:-

  • Regulator checks and connecting regulators,
  • Indentifying a confined space and how to conduct a risk assessment
  • Safe use of manifold systems and associated outlet points
  • Manual  handling compressed and liquefied gases
  • Risk assessments associated with laboratory and high spec gases
  • Oxidising, Inert, Flammable, toxic, corrosive, pyrophoric  and gas mixtures
  • Monitoring equipment, oxygen depletion, inert gas enrichment, intoxication and asphyxiants
  • Pipeline systems, manifolded MCP’s and Written Scheme of Examination 

Many laboratory and spec gases are hazardous to health and need to be treated with high regard for safety, GasCon ensures your package focuses on the gases and equipment you use and gives the delegates the knowledge and awareness they require to use the equipment and gases safely.

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For Further information or assistance in identifying your training requirements or you wish to book a training package, please contact us on or 07780 220 856