Gas Safety Training & Gas Safe Consultants

Gas Safety Training

2015 looks to be yet another busy year in the Gas Safety Industry, as many more businesses are now turning to the use of using gas cylinders, gas bottles, cryogenic gases, liquid nitrogen, welding gases, oxy-fuel, acetylene, and LPG. The safety aspect of using such gases warrants even more training and safety. Our Gas training consultancy services are at such a high level to provide you as a business employee, a restaurant business owner or simply someone who wants and needs to have training on the use of various gases at work or in the Industrial environment.

Gas Safety Training

Gas Safety Clothing

Respecting gas is paramount when being used or handled at work, the same applies to safety clothing. With gas regulations being so strict and legal obligations we are noticing businesses that employee gas trained staff require refresher training courses and guidance on an annual basis. Gas-con continues to work within the UK, Europe and World Wide.

Transportation of Gases & Cylinders

The safe moving and transporting of gases and cylinders evolves around professional training and regulated guidelines, Gas-con continues to provide training for these elements of gases and cylinders.

Industrial Gases within the Food & Beverage Industry

The Food and Beverage Industry is a business category that uses gases in many different needs, from Restaurants, Pubs, Breweries and Water Waste Treatments. Gas-con are working closely with many Breweries, technology laboratory labs and businesses across the United Kingdom and Europe.

Beverage Gas Equipment Training

Gas Awareness Training for Confined Spaces

A sad statistic but large amounts of people are injured or killed in confined spaces. Awareness of gas, hazards and risks plays a part in these kind of accidents. Our gas in confined spaces awareness courses with training packages ensures everyone can be fully trained, making your business a safer place.

Gas-con Consultancy for all aspects of Gas Safety

  • Industrial Gases
  • Laboratory and Spec Gas
  • Beverage Gases
  • Confined Spaces
  • Gas Safety Training
  • Medical Gases
  • Inspections
  • Transportation of Gases/Cyclinders
  • Schools & Colleges

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